Text 7 Nov 35 notes When part of your family has never been to school

My grandma and dad never got anymore than an elementary education and that was back in China decades ago. And they don’t know English and my dad works with a lot of tools and stuff. So he asks me about the instructions sometimes. Whenever don’t know the vocabulary or just plain don’t understand it they say “you’ve been to school you should know” or “you just don’t want to help.” 

And you know I’ve had it today just cause someones been to school doesn’t mean they know everything or understand English completely. I don’t get why they can’t understand such a simple thing. Ugh

I’m getting really sick fighting over this with my grandma and dad.

  1. isabelleyo said: HOLY FREAKIN’ CRAP, MY LIFE RIGHT THERE.
  2. jennyydurhhx3 said: OMG, I FEEL YOU !
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